Criterion 1

Assessment of the Current Status of School Crime


Criterion 2

Child Abuse


Criterion 3

Disaster Procedures, Routine and Emergency


Criterion 4

Policies Related to Suspension, Expulsion, or Mandatory Expulsion and other School-Designated Serious Acts, which would lead to suspensions, or expulsion


Criterion 5

Notification to Teachers of Dangerous Pupils Pursuant to Education Code 49079


Criterion 6

A Sexual Harassment Admin. Policy Pursuant to Ed. Code


Criterion 7

A Provision of any School Wide Dress Code


Criterion 8

Procedures to ensure Safe of Pupils, Parents, and School Employees to and from School


Criterion 9

Safe and Orderly School Environment Admin. 6270


Criterion 10

Safe School Planning Committee



Criterion 1a: Assessing the current status of school crime.

Possession of Drugs

We continue to have no incidents.. We will continue to implement the following activities:

a) Designated one time a year as Drug Awareness Month for the entire school

b) Increase awareness of self-respect through literacy, focusing on building a Community of Learners.

c) Life Skills Education

d) Assemblies/Events/Programs Jump Rope for Heart Awareness, Boys and Girls Scouts of America and

e) Frequent interaction amongst students and staff regarding drug use and its hazards.


In reviewing the data, we have not experienced any incidents of battery. We will continue to strive in educating and maintaining a safe environment. We attribute this success to the following activities:

a) A counselor to implement preventive activities such as peer growth groups

b) Students trained as Peace Patrol during lunch

c) Contacting and partnerships with various Life Skills agencies for assistance in developing special lesson plans and interventions for teacher to use with some classes

d) Trimester discipline assemblies

e) Development of Balboa's Handbook, outlining the expected behaviors and the disciplinary consequences for students and making sure that parents, students, and community are aware.

f) Assemblies

g) A guidance assistant five days per week to further support students

Decrease in Vandalism

We will continue to work closely with our community. According to the data Balboa Elementary School continues to be a safe school due to the following activities:

a) School working with community to be our eyes and ears before, during and after school hours

b) Frequent parental meeting

c) Monthly school/home calendar

d) School Police phone number listed on school marquee

e) Community Trash Service

f) Student Planning Program

Burglary and Theft

We have had several Alarm system malfunctions. There has been a decrease in burglaries and break-ins.

a) With the assistance of all staff, and collaboration of parents we are enforcing that any person

on campus be required to check in the office. Any person without a visible Visitor's Pass be

directed and/or escorted to check in the office.

b) Increase presence of police through invitations to Coffee with the Principal and other activities

c) Enforce a lock up policy when staff is not in the classrooms

d) Conduct parent awareness to aid their continual support

e) Adhere to a policy that all suspicious activity be immediately reported to main office personnel and police


Crimes Against Persons continue to remain the same of no incidents.

Criterion 1b: Site response (programs and activities) to school crime data.

The lack of crime at Balboa Elementary is due, in part, to the awareness of the community in which we are located. In school and at home, students are routinely taught to respect the property of others. Our Parent Academic Liaison coordinated trainings and services for our parents and families. By hosting events and courses such as English as a Second Language and Literacy Math, parenting and other classes within the school, open for the attendance of all community members, encouraging an open door campus. This in turn builds a sense of community where all members take pride in maintaining a clean and safe campus. In addition, we have a 6 to 6 Program, and a Girl Scouts club that teachers girls the virtues of respect to self, others, and property. Individual classroom teachers and the 6 to 6 Program reinforce the rules of the school. This union provides continuity to students. The students know that expected behavior while on campus will be enforced throughout the school. We will also be implementing a volunteer Parent patrol. Their duties will include in assisting in safe crossing of students to and from school, observing and reporting criminal behavior and potential hazards via school radio.

Criterion 2: Addressing the school's procedures for complying with existing laws relating to school safety, which shall include the development of all of the following:

a. Child abuse reporting procedures consistent with Penal Code Section 11164 et seq.

  • Reference Administrative Procedure No. 6370 and 6370A

(1) All teachers, instructional/teacher's aides, classified employees, administrative officers, supervisors of child welfare and attendance certificated student personnel employees, day care center administrators, psychologists, and nurses are required to report suspected child abuse.

(2) A known or suspected instance of child abuse must be reported by telephone immediately, or as soon as practically possible, to one of the child protective agencies. Following the telephoned report, a written report shall be sent within 36 hours of receiving the information concerning the incident.

Child Abuse Team Integrated Child Protective Services
San Diego Police Department Department of Social Services
Phone: 531-2260 Ph: 560-2191 (24-hr response)

(3) Persons observing evidence of suspected child abuse may inform principal or designee. Although it is not required, it is strongly suggested that employees inform the principal of the incident. Students and parents shall be made aware that students also may report instances of child abuse on themselves or others to their teachers, counselors, or the principal.

Criterion 3: Disaster procedures, routine, and emergency.

  • Reference Emergency Procedure 28, 85, 95, and Introduction to Emergency Procedures pages 2-1 to 2-3, Emergency Checklist, and Section 3 of Emergency Procedures.

  • Reference Balboa Elementary Disaster Plan Procedures. In the event of any emergency or life-threatening situation, all site staff must be prepared to take immediate action to provide for the safety of students and others who may be present therefore, review of plans in its entirety and adhere to the procedures as listed is critical. All staff members assume duties as assigned in the site emergency plan, and when necessary, take immediate action for the safety of staff and students without waiting for directions from the principal/site administrator or authorities.

A. The Site Disaster Plan has been developed to provide for the safety of students, staff, visitors, building, equipment, and supplies. It includes the organization of staff to meet an emergency, a system of warning instruction and preparation of students, and appropriate drills.

  • Principal/site administrator assumes overall direction unless extenuating circumstances are present.

  • Teachers provide for the safety and direct supervision of their students. Teachers shall:

  • Take along class roll/register and any other emergency materials specified in site disaster preparedness plan. Using class roll, teachers' verify presence of all students; and send report to principal or designee. Teachers' keeps the class rolls in their possession at all times and maintain control of and accountability for all students under their supervision.

  • Direct the evacuation of students in an orderly manner to designated assembly area in accordance with site plan. No one shall reenter buildings or return to classrooms for any reason until official "ALL CLEAR" signal is given.

  • Assure that students needing first aid receive care.

B. A "No false Drills" policy has been adopted at Balboa elementary School. In the event of a "false alarm", all staff members are aware that staff and students will evacuate the building and complete an orderly and safe evacuation of the classrooms and buildings. Staff and students will remain in the safe assembly area on the north/east dirt area by 40th Street. Students are to line up according to their classroom number, which are posted along the fence and remain in this area until an all clear alarm signals a return to the school buildings.

C. Administrator or any other designee will make 911 telephone calls. In case of a break-down of electrical power and telephones the following possible methods of communication will be used

  • Battery-powered equipment (bullhorn/megaphone, radio, walkie-talkie), car radios (for incoming information), and signaling devices (whistles, flags or large cards).

  • Flags on poles are appropriate for communicating with ground reconnaissance teams. An upside-down flag on the pole or large cards will be used to indicate the location of personnel or attract attention to locations in need of emergency assistance.

  • Plastic or canvas panels placed on the ground in an open area will be used for communicating with our reconnaissance. Panels may be arranged to form block letters (such as "SOS" or "NEED HELP") to attract attention of rescuers. No signals will be placed on the roof.

911 Telephone Calls can be made by any adult staff member based on the event that the administrator or designee is absent. When a staff member makes a 911 emergency telephone call the following procedures will be adhered to:

  • Staff member making the telephone call identifies him/herself and gives the room number from which the telephone cal is being made.
  • The staff member placing the 911 call should remain on the telephone, with an open line, as long as the emergency dispatcher needs them.
  • After completing the emergency telephone call the staff member will immediately notify the main office of the school giving the nature of the emergency and requesting help from the administration. If the staff member needs to remain on the telephone line during the emergency, that staff member should send a responsible student to a neighboring teacher for help. That teacher should immediately notify the administration for help.

Telephone Security:

At Balboa Elementary all classrooms have a telephone. These telephones are on a multiline system making it impossible to tell which telephone places a 911 call. Therefore, all staff members must adhere to the following rules telephone security:

  • Always lock classrooms and offices when not occupied by an adult.
  • Never allow students to use the telephone without prior approval of an adult who observes the telephone call.
  • Never allow students to gather around the telephone without immediate adult supervision.
  • If you are the adult in the classroom and you suspect that the telephone has been improperly used, notofy the main office immediately.

D. Responsibilities of school employees. Immediately upon declaration of a state of extreme emergency by the governor of the State of California, all public employees are declared to be civil defense workers subject to such civilian defense activities as may be assigned to them by their superiors or by law. The term "public employees" includes all persons employed by the state, or any county, or city and county, state agency, or public district, "excluding aliens legally employed."

Site Disaster Preparedness Plan and Lock Down Procedure Plan attached.

Criterion 4: Policies related to suspension, expulsion or mandatory expulsion, and other school-designated serious acts, which would lead to suspension, or expulsion.

  • Reference Administrative Procedure 6290, 6295, and " Report on Suspension,"

District form 22-R 2220, revised August 26, 1997.

(1) Suspension is defined as removal of a student from ongoing instruction for adjustment purposes.

(2) Expulsion is defined as removal of a student from the immediate supervision and control, or general supervision, of school personnel as provided in Education Code Section 46300.

(3) The principal, principal's designee, or the superintendent may suspend a student from school for a maximum of five consecutive school days for any single cause enumerated on the suspension form. Before suspending a student for any of the reasons starred on "Report on Suspension," the principal or principal's designee shall immediately notify School Police Services, who shall initiate investigation, and/or notify the San Diego Police Department, or any assault or possession of a firearm (as defined in Penal Code Section 240). The principal or principal's designee should detain the student at school, when feasible and without physical force, until a school police officer obtains a statement from the student.

(4) The principal or the superintendent shall recommend an investigation and possible expulsion for any of the following acts, unless the principal or the superintendent finds, and so reports in writing to the Board of Education, that expulsion is inappropriate due to the Board of Education, that expulsion is inappropriate due to the particular circumstance set out in the report of the incident:

  • Causing serious physical injury to another person, except in self-defense.

  • Assault upon any school employee.

  • Battery on any school employee.

(5) The principal must recommend expulsion for the following acts (Education Code Section 48915 (c), District Zero Tolerance Policy, or District Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Policy):

  • Third offense for fighting that inflicts injury in one year.

  • Sexual assault.

  • Attempted sexual battery.

  • Sexual battery.

  • Possessed, sold, or furnished a weapon, including firearm, any knife, explosive, other dangerous object, any object used in a threatening manner, or possession of an imitation firearm.

  • Alcohol/intoxicants/controlled substance: furnished, sold, or possession, use or influence, third offense.

  • Committed or attempted to commit robbery or extortion.

  • Product with tobacco or nicotine, fourth offense.

(6) A Balboa Handbook was issued to parents, addressing the acts related to suspension, expulsion or mandatory expulsion outlining the district and site procedure. Bi-annual parent and staff meetings are held to in servicing on these procedures.

Criterion 5: Notification to teachers of dangerous pupils pursuant to Education Code 49079.

  • Reference Administrative Procedure 4613

(1) Upon receipt of information from the court that a student has committed any of the crimes enumerated in Welfare and Institutions Code Section 827, the Placement and Appeals Office will inform the principal of information received from the court and the Probation Department which needs to be transmitted to teachers, counselors, CSO or administrators with direct supervisory or disciplinary responsibility over the minor in order to enable them to (a) work with the student in an appropriate fashion,

(b) avoid being needlessly vulnerable, or (c) protect other persons from needless vulnerability.

(2) Any information so received by a teacher, counselor, or administrator shall be confidential and shall not be disseminated further by the teacher, counselor, or administrator.

(3)If the identified student is being served under a current Individual Educational Plan (I.E.P.) all proper procedures will be followed to adhere to the intent of the law and the rights the individual student. Staff and student safety will be of paramount concern while ensuring the I.E .P. the site case manager and/or a representative from the District's Special Education Department will be consulted to investigate the situation and recommend alternative placement for the student.

Criterion 6: Sexual harassment policy pursuant to Education Code Section 212.6 (b)

  • Reference Administrative Procedures 0112, 6290

(1) Definition. Sexual harassment: A form of sexual discrimination which includes, but is not limited to, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature made by someone from or in the educational setting (see Office for Civil Rights Sexual Harassment Guidance, 62 Federal Register 12034, March 13, 1997)

(2) The district prohibits all sexual harassment and any sexual harassment that has the purpose or effect of having a negative impact on the student's academic performance or of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment. The district also prohibits sexual harassment in which a student's grades, benefits, services, honors, program, or activities are dependent on submission to such conduct.

(3) Bi-yearly meeting for parents, staff, and students are held to address and inform them on the sexual harassment policies.

Criterion 7: Schoolwide dress codes prohibiting gang-related apparel pursuant to Education Code Section 35183, if such a dress code exists.

  • Reference Administrative Procedure 6270, and Board of Education Policy H-6050

(1) The Board of Education finds the wearing of gang-related signs, insignia, distinctive modes of dress denoting gang affiliation, and gang-related behaviors by students constitute a substantial disruption of school and school-related activities, and regulation of student dress is necessary for the health and safety of the school environment. The provision of any schoolwide dress code, pursuant to Education Code Section 35183, prohibits pupil from wearing "gang-related appeal" shall not be considered a protected form of speech pursuant to Education Code Section 48950.

(2) A school may develop a dress code that includes the wearing of a school uniform. A school dress code policy that requires pupils to wear a uniform shall not be implemented with less than six months notice to parents of students currently enrolled. The school shall make available resources to assist economically disadvantaged pupils who cannot afford a uniform. The school dress code and uniform policy shall include a provision that no pupil shall be penalized academically or otherwise discriminated against, nor denied attendance to school, if the pupil's parents choose not to have the pupil comply with the school uniform policy. The school dress code and/or uniform policy shall not preclude pupils who participate in a nationally recognized youth organization from wearing organization uniforms on days that the organization has a scheduled meeting. Parents shall be required to specifically designate in writing that their child will not wear a uniform.

(3) Balboa Elementary Dress Code

Upon the request of parents, a uniform policy was initiated following the above guidelines. Students, who are exempt from wearing a uniform, are expected to exercise good judgement and good taste regarding their attire and grooming so as not to disrupt the educational environment.

The following will not be permitted at school:

  • Make-up

  • Clothing with inappropriate words or phrases

  • Clothing, coloring or symbols associated with gangs

  • Clothing advertising alcoholic beverages, drugs or tobacco

  • Long fingernails

  • Jewelry, which may pose a safety, hazard for the student such as long, dangly, or hoop earrings, rings, and /or bodyrings

  • Inappropriate hairstyles-no "ratting" of the hair,

  • Inappropriate hair colors, bandannas, curlers, or inappropriate headgear. Students should remove their hats, caps and hoods when in class

  • Bare feet, high heels, backless sandals, thongs, flojos, slippers, steel-toe shoes

  • Excessively baggy clothes-pants must fit the waist, be worn at waist level and cannot sag

  • Pants, shorts or skits shorter than mid-thigh

  • Long or "hanging" belts, chains and silver military style buckles with or without initials

  • Half-shirts, "muscle" shirts, crop tops, backless, strapless and spaghetti straptops

The school staff reserves the right to make judgements on any article of clothing, mode of dress, or hair style which poses the potential for the disruption of learning and/or compromises a safe and orderly learning environment. If your child comes to school with inappropriate attire we may do one of the following:

(1) Ask parent to bring other clothes

(2) Ask child to wear top inside out (to conceal inappropriate advertising)

(3) May borrow clean clothes from the nurse's collection

Uniform guidelines

Items Colors Style
Bottoms Navy blue Shorts, slacks, skirts, skorts and jumpers
Tops White Polo shirts, shirts, blouses and turtlenecks

Criterion 8: Procedures for safe ingress and egress of pupils, parents, and school employees.

  • Reference Emergency Procedures No. 85 and 95.

(1) Site emergency preparedness plans shall include site map, designating planned evacuation routes, assembly areas, utilities shut-off valves, first aid/supply stations, and designated areas for prolonged student/staff care.

(2) As required by state law, each principal/site administrator shall conduct safety drills (including fire, earthquake/disaster preparedness, bus safety, and campus emergencies) and maintain an accurate record of each drill.

(3) All students and staff shall review site evacuation procedures including primary/alternate routes and assembly areas, assigned responsibilities, and actions to take.

Site Evacuation map attached.

Criterion 9a: Procedures to ensure a safe and orderly environment conducive to learning.

  • Reference Administrative Procedure No. 6270

(1) Teachers shall be responsible for classroom discipline, which will ensure a proper learning environment for all students. Every teacher in the public schools shall hold pupils to a strict account for their conduct on the way to and from school, on the playgrounds, or during recess.

(2) Teachers are responsible for reviewing pertinent security rules and procedures at the beginning of each school semester and review with students.

(3) "All pupils shall comply with regulations, pursue the required course of study, and submit to the authority of teachers, administration, and other school staff of the schools."

(Education Code Section 48908)

(4) Students are responsible for bringing to the attention of site teachers, principals, and school staff the presence for suspected intruders and/or the distress or injury of any condition on or around the school site that may be hazardous or unsafe.

(5) Students are to be under direct supervision of a staff member at all times while in school, or while attending a school-directed activity.

Criterion 9b: Rules and procedures on school discipline adopted pursuant to Education Code Sections 35291 and 35291.5

  • Reference Administrative Procedure No. 6270

(1) It is the principal's responsibility to maintain good discipline in the school in accordance with Education Code, California Administrative Code, and district-wide regulations and procedures promulgated by the superintendent for measurement of citizenship and development of good discipline. A principal may delegate to the vice principal or to any teacher those duties necessary for maintenance of good student conduct.

(2) Parents are expected to cooperate with school authorities in maintaining and encouraging proper standards of behavior for children.

School Discipline Plan attached.


Balboa School Safety Plan developed by the School Safety Planning Committee and approved by the School Site Council.

School Safety Planning Committee Membership (required)

1. Fabiola Bagula Principal Designee
2. Val McGinn Teacher


5. Nico Negrette Counselor
6. Al Llamas Building Supervisor Services

Criterion 10 b: Law Enforcement representative consulted with:

Name: Raymundo Roldan Site Security Officer
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